The Regular Meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 2142, St. Louis County Schools, was held at Cherry School on Monday, September 14, 2015, beginning at 5:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance.
Agenda approved.
Superintendent's Report. 1) Northland Foundation $4500 grant to SR for Frank Theatre. 2) MN Power Foundation $2000 grant to SR for Art's Learning. 3) Tower-Soudan School eligible to apply for Celebration Recognition as a result of outstanding test scores. 4) First video blog out. Has received several hundred hits in every school and lots of positive comments. Ties into Goal #3 of the Strategic Plan, improving two-way communication. 5) Will deliver State of the District on Spirit Nights in each of the schools. Also ties into Goal #3 of the Strategic Plan. 6) Doing some curriculum mapping in the PE area for a clearer understanding. 7) Sandy Gundlach from MSBA is finalizing the district's Strategic Plan so it can go out to the public. No charge to our district as we piloted MSBA facilitating strategic planning for school districts. 8) Late today received a request from Nett Lake for a joint SB Meeting to be held at Fortune Bay. Will set up for 9/21. 9) Federal grant for SROs not finalized yet. Should have response by 10/1. Pat Olson from St. Louis County Sheriff's Office will serve as SRO for SR and Cherry. SRO for NW and NE Range will be named once the grant is finalized. 10) Provided SB with copies of school schedules as requested. Will obtain enrollment numbers and per class numbers for elementary classrooms and get those out. Review info and can schedule a study session to discuss/answer questions if desired.
Cherry School Report presented by Principal Scott Hall. 1) Good start to a new school year. 2) Now have safe drinking water from a new well. Special recognition and thanks to Tom Cundy, Shelly Sauter, and Cherry custodians for all the extra time and effort it took to overcome the challenges of the past several months. 3) New signs on Hwy 37 and Tamminen Road, new center lines on Hwy 37. 4) Will work with MN State Troopers to focus on educating safe student drivers. 5) Positive feedback from 11th/12th graders on laptops. iPads will be going out. 6) Working with elementary teachers to find ways to increase math proficiency. Working with high school teachers to increase rigor. 7) Excitement about new industrial tech equipment and ALI class, working in conjunction with Mesabi Range College, kids will receive college credit. 8) Enrollment 448 at end of last school year, 463 currently net gain 2 elementary and 13 high school. 9) Early Childhood program seeing very positive growth.
Deb Spencer, ECFE Teacher, reported on Early Childhood program. 1) Thank you for second classroom. 2) Fifty-one children registered for Learning Readiness, added 3rd section of pre-school, so 18 per class. Max would be 20 per class. 3) Open House tonight. 4) Currently looking for Paras.
District Accountant Pam Zahn addressed training recently provided to food service staff, specifically as related to the district's Meal Charge Policy and Procedures. 1) Want to ensure that everything is consistent across the district. 2) Every child will receive a meal every day. 3) Once a student has his/her hand on a tray, it will never be taken away from them. Made that point very clear to all food service staff. 4) Fruit will be added to the alternative meal. Alternative meal will now include grain, milk, and fruit. 5) In response to question "will the cost to prepare a meal from one school to the next be the same", yes, we want everything to be consistent.
Comments from Visitors. 1) Jess Blake spoke regarding a personal situation relative to his daughter and volleyball at NW School. 2) Brian Mayry spoke regarding the (poor) condition of the baseball field at Cherry School.
Approved Consent Agenda items. 1) Minutes of August 24, 2015 Regular SB Meeting and September 4, 2015 Special SB Meeting. 2) Bill List September 4-9, 2015.
Approved changes in pay to substitutes, effective September 1, 2015, as follows:
Licensed $105 per day $52.50 per half-day (3 hrs or less)
Short-Call $ 95 per day $47.50 per half-day (3 hrs or less)
Teamsters, Custodians, Clerical
90% of the lowest pay for each of the individual job categories
Bus Drivers
An average of the lowest pay of the current 5 driving categories will be used for all 5 categories
Approved MOU to Teachers Contract / Robotics Co-Curricular Pay:
Memorandum of Understanding
Robotics Co-Curricular Pay
This Memorandum of Understanding ("Agreement") is entered into by and between Independent School District 2142, St. Louis County School ("the School District") and Education Minnesota ­ St. Louis County Schools Teachers ("the Union").
WHEREAS, the Union is the exclusive representative for the teachers employed the School District; and
WHEREAS, the Union and the School District are parties to a collective bargaining agreement ("Master Agreement") for the period of July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015; and
WHEREAS, certain teachers worked with students after school in the "Robotics" program without a specific agreement for compensation.
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and benefits contained in this Agreement, the Parties agree as follows:
1. Consistent with Article XXV, Section 2, (Extra and Co-Curricular Activities), the affected teacher(s) will be compensated a stipend of $1,500 for Robotics.
2. This Agreement shall be retroactive to the first instructional day of the 2014-2015 school year, and shall remain in effect, unless modified by a subsequent Agreement, for the 2015-2017 collective bargaining agreement.
By signing below, each party specifically acknowledges that it has read this Agreement, has had an opportunity to review the terms of this Agreement with legal counsel, and understands and agrees to be bound by all of the terms of this Agreement.
Offered Kevin Ryks a 0.1 FTE teaching contract at his established Step/Lane, effective September 2, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year.
Offered Jessica Arver a 720-hour Title I probationary teaching contract at Step 1, effective September 14, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year.
On June 22, 2015, Jordan Christianson was offered a teaching contract effective September 2, 2015, subject to securing proper licensure. Jordan's teaching license was issued on September 9, 2015. His effective date of hire will be September 9, 2015. Acknowledged a change in the date of hire for probationary teacher Jordan Christianson.
Offered the following Paraprofessional contracts effective September 8, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year:
Ryan Roarty 4.5 hrs/day ­ 4 days/wk M,T,W,Th NE Range School
Melissa Schroeter 6.5 hrs/day M,T,Th,F and 5.5 hrs/day W NE Range School
Changed the effective date of hire for Brenda Nicholson-Martin from September 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015. All other terms under which she was offered a contract as a Paraprofessional at the September 4, 2015 Special SB Meeting remain unchanged.
Accepted the retirement of James Boutto as Bus Driver at North Woods School, effective September 14, 2015.
Hired the following coaches:
Joel Anderson Assistant Football NW School
Shara Jarvela Assistant Volleyball (half-stipend) NE Range School
Ellen Pierce & Nissa Koivisto Assistant Cross-Country (half-stipend) NE Range School
Ellen & Nissa will split the half-stipend.
Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m. Oct. 8 - 1