Notes from all over

by GDA


The prestige and power of the U.S. Presidency under Barack Hussein Obama was put to the test last week in the Israeli elections. The opposing party of Netanyahu, who won the election, was backed by Obama. They reportedly received funds, also, from Obama or his backers. What they should have realized was that everyone Obama backed in the last election didn't do very well. He has no power anymore. He can make his dictatorship dictates, but they are going to be under fire and stopped.
The major media in this country were hoping against hope that Netanyahu would lose, but he won by a huge margin.
Now, if you are wondering about the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama, it goes back a long way. Netanyahu is Jewish and the Moslems hate the Jews. Obama is really a Moslem even though he denies it, so that is one reason.
Several years ago the two were meeting in Washington, D.C. It came time for lunch and Obama left Netanyahu sitting while he went upstairs. My Norwegian grandmother would have swatted his behind for acting like that.
Then, Netanyahu came to speak to the Republican controlled Congress and Obama wasn't asked about it.
Just think, Israel is our only true friend in the Middle East. When they are attacked, they don't ask for our troops, they take care of their own problems. We just aren't used to it.
The circus goes on in our nation's capital.
* * * * * * * *
My grandson Isaiah was here visiting and we took him to the Wolf and Bear centers in Ely. He is majoring in biology and wants to teach biology in college some day. They have some neat exhibits there. It is hard to realize that Isaiah is a college sophomore already. Yeah, Edna sent him back to the fraternity with a big box of baked goods.
* * * * * * * *
The weather got colder over the weekend, but the ice on the lakes is melting. The ice in front of our house is getting real dark with pools of water on it. Don't take a chance.
* * * * * * * *
After fighting with Tommy Rukavina for a large number of years, I have to say that he is trying to do a good job as County Commissioner. I know that he is traveling all over the district. He even got the County Board to come to Cook on Tuesday of this week for one of their meetings. Heck, I might even agree with him on some issues.
* * * * * * * *
Spring is almost here. Enjoy the weather and have a good week.