Notes from all over

by GDA


Just think, this four-year-long presidential election is almost over. Just a couple of weeks more. Yes, the polls all favor Hillary the crook, but you might be in for a surprise.
If past elections show us anything, they show that the polls tighten up the week before the election. The polling companies know their final polls have to be more accurate than the ones they feed the public. So watch the race tighten up.
Now, there is one poll with a bunch of letters for its name that was right on for most elections. In fact, it was perfect for Obama in 2012. Well, this poll has come out showing Trump a point ahead of Hillary. Of course, there are many polls that show the race is over. Of course, check the polls before Ronald Reagan's landslide win over Jimmy Carter. Many had Reagan in the toilet. Sometimes it seems like these pollsters and the major newspapers and TV stations feel they should be picking the winner. Their stories get a little more unbiased as the elections come closer.
Last night's so-called debate was a mixed bag, but Trump really won it. Hillary thought she had him when he said he wouldn't contest the election if he lost or maybe he wouldn't. She claimed no one has ever done that before and elections have never been fixed.
I guess she forgot the 36 recounts in Florida that Al Gore kept asking for and even after he was out of it, he kept saying he was the president. She probably didn't hear of the ballot boxes from Chicago they found in the lake. How about Al Franken coming up with ballots found in the basement or in someone's truck? What about Philadelphia where the Black Panthers scared people away and Obama's so-called Justice Department decided to ignore it?
Sometime you should see who makes our voting machines. Don't be surprised if you find he is one of the Democratic party's biggest backers.
I think Trump was smart to put the word out that he will not allow any games in the voting. That will hopefully give us a fairer election than in the past. Of course, we still have all the illegals who will vote, and guess which side they are for?
Of course, Hillary's big topic was abortion and she came out for killing partial birth babies. The United States has the most liberal abortion laws on this earth. In some of the most liberal countries their abortion laws would make pro-abortionists cringe.
Isn't it interesting that for 30 years no one called Trump a racist or accused him of molesting women, then with those stories about Hillary coming out on WikiLeaks, stories she hasn't denied, all of a sudden women are remembering that he molested them. Hillary was incensed. Of course, what about husband Bill who is said to have had 200 liaisons and has been accused of rape? The one rape charge netted the lady nearly a million bucks. Yes, Bill admitted he had sex after he lied and said he didn't. Wife Hillary was at the forefront putting those ladies down and keeping Bill out of it. I think they call that being a hypocrite.
We sure need a Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan now. We get what we vote for, though. Just be sure and vote.
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This weekend Edna and I headed south for granddaughter Zoe's con-firmation. Have a good week.

Editorial by Angie Simonson
From the Floodwood Forum - Oct. 14, 2016

It's going to be OK

It's going to be OK.
"It's going to be OK." The cliché line that is uttered to every drama TV show victim, to every child who scrapes their knee, to anyone who's ever lost anyone. "It's going to be OK."
The countdown to the presidential election is on. The dialogue surrounding the election has become very angry. Finger pointing, leaks, blame, shame ­ and that doesn't even take into account the never-ending string of political ads. And if you try to listen to it all, you'll come away with one message: We're doomed if we Hil, and We're doomed if we Don.
Even though both candidates are hovering around the 40 percent range in the polls, the average voter is not happy with their candidate, and feels that they are voting for the lesser of two evils.
It's seems like an appropriate time to say "It's going to be OK."
Can Hillary do the job? Probably not. Can Trump fix what needs to be fixed? Not likely. Will we survive? Sure.
While things are rough here in the Ol' USA, I don't think the next four years will make or break us. And if there is one thing we can learn from this election cycle, it's that for the most part, no one likes the two-party system. Regardless of the outcome, we have four years to figure out how to prevent this from happening again ­ and set a goal to find candidates that people can be happy to support. We have four years to push the Commission on Debates to change their rules and let anyone who appears on enough ballots that they could win the presidency into the debates, regardless of their poll numbers. We have four years to push for a change on how Democrats choose their candidates, and lose the super delegates. We have four years to lose the Electoral College, and let the popular vote decide the president.
Perhaps the greatest lesson this past year has taught us is that our process of electing leaders is no longer adequate. If we don't push our Legislature to fix it, shame on us.
But before you let this election give you more gray hairs or heartburn, take a breath and realize we're going to be OK. And remember, that while we can't (ironically in our democracy) control what the goons do in Washington, we can control what we do locally. We can take responsibility in making our communities "great again" and maybe then, we'll actually feel "OK."

October 2016
Dear Friends & Neighbors:
As many of you already know, I am running for the open seat in the Orr attendance area on the St. Louis County Schools school board.
I am a life long resident of Orr who graduated from the Orr School in 1978. Many of the most important life lessons I learned occurred in the classrooms, hallways, and on the basketball court of the Orr School. I believe small schools offer students many advantages that larger schools cannot. Where else can a student participate in Student Council, Knowledge Bowl, Math League and serve as president of National Honor Society all while playing football, basketball, and baseball? We have a long, strong tradition of successfully preparing our youth to enter the workforce or pursue higher education following graduation. I will work to see that tradition continue for future generations.
I share your values:
*Safe Schools
*Effective teaching
*Common sense decision making
& problem solving
*Fiscal responsibility
*Open communication
If elected, I will represent the interests of the students, parents, and voters of the Orr attendance area, not those of the special interests. In short, I will be your voice the voice of common sense!
When you go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8, I ask you to support me for St. Louis County Schools school board representative. Thank you.
Patrick Christensen


October 17, 2016
It's not too late to save Lake Vermilion, the BWCAW, and the St. Louis River/Lake Superior watershed. But there is no time to rest in the struggle to stop Twin Metals and PolyMet. Please reverse your pro-pollution position and get on board the pro-conservation effort.
As a Life Member of the Sierra Club since 1980, I get Sierra magazine as a membership benefit.
Leonard J. Richards
Bayport, Minn.

TAXPAYERS and Voters! Please, end the failed, pointless, two-party dribble - with your write-in votes for Steven Hakly, to be YOUR "accountability" driven representative! What will accountability mean for you, for taxpayers? It means, when elected, I'll immediately leverage my independence among fellow representatives and move legislation forward under specific timelines. As a former business owner, I'm not hampered by emotions or drama. I will not coddle incumbents, hold hands or sing Kumbaya. Here's my full intentions:
1. Building an all-citizen-contributing tax base. If you live here, every citizen will work, pay taxes and is fiscally accountable for all YOUR choices, for yourself and family!
2. Removing fraud and wasteful spending in all government programs, useless research and pet projects of no benefit for all taxpayers.
3. Reducing government aid programs with SHORT-term timelines.
4. Achievement gaps, teacher shortages, student dropouts, replenishing retiring baby boomer jobs can be solved by critical counter measures in education. I will push to graduate students after grade 10. The next two years are free college or tech schools that replace PSEOs entirely. Student incentives - to realize their education, is required. Dropouts will have to work or move out of MN and reduce our tax burdens! No government handouts or aid for excuses, quitters. Eliminate common core standards/testing parameters. Students love challenges, not boredom. Teach them how to use individual potential and critical thinking for problem solving growth, to inspire contributing, taxpaying workers by age 18, not inundated with pointless, boring tests. Imagine how much parents will save, how much better outcome the taxpayers receive with a healthy, all contributing tax base.
5. LOOK around 6A district! Ghost towns and no tax money to maintain and develop them. Hemorrhaging mining and industry caused by corruption and subsidized global markets. No long-term diversity and job growth - no money! Mental illness, drug or alcohol addictions, and depression. There's NOTHING here because we voted with a blind trust in two-party government. Millions exploiting government aid, with no care or accountability for choices they made.
6. We need to eradicate all the waste first and rein in a responsive budget for current times. We need dedicated, annual transportation funds. Projects completed by trained union contractors with design build technologies.
Perhaps now, my key strategy will expose the true value of incumbents and fellow representatives causing them much "DISCOMFORT!" I want them to challenge building a healthy tax base and all the amendments, bills and appropriations I've listed and will push, once elected. I will leverage either party to achieve the most good for the TAXPAYERS, not a "Party." I plan to become a leader of chosen committees immediately, not when a pecking order of incumbents throws a crumb in a few years, like they do with two-party candidates! If you think I CAN'T, that's exactly why, we're in this distressed, depressive STATE. "I CAN!"
I'm self-funded. Please, write-in thousands of votes for Steven Hakly. See more on Google+. It's in your hands, Taxpayers! ACCOUNTABILITY!


Letter to the Editor:
Reduce Screen Time,
Increase Learning
Parents today are spending time with their children. In the face of today's conflict on screen and in public, a towering blessing remains a secret. Parents love their children and are doing everything they can to nurture them. I read an article on my screen that warns everyone that screen time for kids and adults is dangerous. Reading the newspaper is something one might do for children rather than watch TV, the Internet or cell phone. I share what I've read.
A newly-released study shows that screen time has a powerful effect on children. A half an hour a day of screen time causes grades to fall. Four hours of screen time caused kids' GPAs to fall by an entire grade. American kids average seven hours of screen time a day.
Connie Matthiessen reports on the study conducted by a team of researchers from Brown, Brandeis, Children's National Medical Center, and New England Center for Pediatric Psychology that kids who spent more time on screen were less able to persist at difficult tasks and exhibited more emotional volatility than those not engaging in screen time. This information was published in the American Journal of Family Therapy, and in a book called "The Learning Habit."
As parents guide and nurture their children, their impact profoundly influences their development. By reducing the amount of screen time they help their children to grow. Screen time, just giving time to it, and engaging in its content, has a powerful negative effect on kids' learning. Parents can direct their children in having them do chores, eat meals with the family, go on walks, take little trips, or helping with homework. All these normal, routine things reduce screen time. The blessing to parents and to children increases with fewer hours before the screen.
Art Dale, Founder of
Volunteers in Education (VinE)

Dear Gary,
Greetings! This is Eric Pederson. I would like to take this opportunity to let our town of Cook know that I am seeking another term as our representative for the Cook Hospital board and I would be honored to have your support. I have been proud to serve the board this past four years. In this time I have become a certified board member attending the Minnesota Hospital Association's bi-annual conferences. I am also proud to be a part of our great health care facilities in our small town. Our construction of a new care center will be a state-of-the-art facility that will serve our older citizens for many years to come.
I would also like to endorse Marge Hyppa for the Owens town board position. Marge is a lifetime member of our community, a very dedicated board member and a very active volunteer. Marge has also helped me in my quest to become an informed and effective board member.
Please get out and vote on Nov. 8. I thank you for your support!