Notes from all over

by GDA


This week we will be treated to the Democratic National Convention. The one thing that is coming out from it is the people who should choose the candidate were virtually left out. The Democrats put Sanders under the bus as they had Hillary the Crook chosen behind closed doors years ago. The problem with emails has brought this out. It does seem that the Dems don't understand how emails work. Hillary has a huge problem with them that would have landed anyone else in prison. She claims that she was stupid. That comes from what her party calls the smartest woman in the USA. Women should be mad at that, being put down. Of course Hillary claims she is a victim, a victim who has amassed hundreds of millions giving speeches that the public won't hear. A victim who bought a mansion in New York and is having the taxpayers pay for it by charging rent to the Secret Service for protecting her.
The real victims are those she was in charge of.
The 2016 Presidential Election will be something else. We have a candidate who has never accomplished anything, an egotistical candidate who has created thousands of jobs, but tends to put his foot in his mouth and get away with it.
I think this country needs someone like Trump, this time, to get the country back on track from the Obama eight years.
With all the petty squabbling going on at the conventions, the real problems of our country were ignored. The fact that nearly one in five potential workers in this country isn't working. The fact that over half our workforce is on the government dole. The fact that our armed forces have been decimated. The fact that mass shootings have become an everyday occurrence, and the only answer for them by our current administration is to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens.
Of course our biggest problem is our gigantic $19 trillion debt. That amounts to over $57,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. It has risen $11 trillion under the present administration or around $33,000 for every man, woman and child. If our country's government was a private business, it would be bankrupt. Oh yeah, the total national debt before George W. Bush, was around $5 trillion. He raised it to $8 trillion due to the war in Iraq and his inability to veto the spending bills that came out of Congress. A good administration that looked in to all the doubled up government jobs could cut that deficit, but will they? Heck no, that could mean the loss of votes. In case you didn't know, a trillion is 10 digits or a million, million.
This can't keep going on.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I receive a lot of letters to the editor and print most of them. Some letter writers are so out of it, I hold their letters up to protect them. I received one this week that now says all KKK members are Christian and Republicans. He also said that the South went Republican because LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. Of course that act was passed mainly due to Republicans in Congress, with Dems trying to shoot it down. Apparently this writer didn't realize the KKK is known for their treatment of blacks. Also, the KKK was also, apparently, against Catholics, especially up north.
When in doubt, blame it on the Republicans. Actually, when in doubt, do some studying and find out who the people are who cause the problems. The big problem is too many voters don't really know who they are voting for so they vote for the candidate with the (D), (R), (I), (G) or whatever behind their name. I think we should abolish the party system and if you look back, our first president, George Washington, thought the same.
With the way things are going in the rest of this country, more residents of northern Minnesota are happy they are up here in the "boonies" and away from the goofballs in the metro centers. We just enjoy life, work, raise families, hunt, fish, golf and hope the politicians leave us alone. Think about it
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Have a great week. Just think, July is almost over.