Notes from all over

by GDA


This country doesn't need any more holidays, but there are two dates that should be put down as Days of Remembrance. They are dates that we should never forget.
The first is Dec. 7, 1941, a day that will go down in infamy, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt said. That was the day the Japanese attacked our forces in Pearl Harbor to start this country's entrance into World War II. We should never forget that date and always remember what happened. History should teach us something and that date definitely should teach us.
The second date is 9-11 or Sept. 11, 2001. That was the date terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., our center for the command of our forces. That same date, terrorists planned to fly a plane into the White House, but they failed to consider the backbone of our citizens as passengers tried to take over that airplane and they did crash it into the ground. The other attacks, where airplanes were flown into the Towers and Pentagon, accomplished several things, and not all were bad.
We realized that we weren't safe, that we weren't an island, that the world was a small place. We have, apparently, caught up with and killed those who planned those terrible terrorist attacks, but...
You have to wonder, did the terrorists actually accomplish more than they could hope for?
Think of it, our airways were safe and we flew them at ease. To get on an airplane was easy. There were no worries.
Now we have the Transportation people who make us stand in long lines, take our shoes off, never carry a knife or anything that could be a weapon and, basically, be a little scared when we fly. The cost for all of this is billions every year. The amount of time that all these precautions are costing is many billions.
Could these terrorists have envisioned actually changing our way of life in this country? Life is definitely not like it was before 9-11.
Now, did we over-react or were there better ways to handle this? How many suspected terrorists have these airport safety people actually found? We hear of them patting down old ladies and little kids, but we seldom, if ever, hear of them actually catching any terrorists.
Of course we have found some and we have sent them to Guantanamo in Cuba. That should show them, right? Well, now we seem to be looking at ways to free them so they can go back to their homeland and attack us again.
Why not take a look at what Israel does to make their airlines safe. They do use that awful thing called "profiling." If someone looks like a terrorist or acts like one, they check them out. They know who the people are they should watch out for and they do watch for them. They don't have an ACLU, looking for reasons to exist and looking for headlines, to deal with.
The fact is, the 9-11 terrorists accomplished more than they could dream of. We over-reacted, something this country is good at.
In the meantime we have our journalists being beheaded by these terrorists and our president taking a couple of minutes off to mention this before going out to play another round of golf.
Only in America...
* * * *
Have a good week.