Notes from all over

by GDA


Well, are you getting tired of politicians, yet? We have been inundated up here. The two parties are fighting hard for this area, an area that used to be dominated by the DFLers. First we had Pres. Donald Trump with a standing room only crowd of over 6,000 and probably closer to 10,000. He was campaigning for Pete Stauber and Stauber seems to be on a roll. He is the Republican candidate, but he has a lot of supporters. The 8th District job could swing back to the Republican side.
Of course, our 4th of July parades were mobbed with candidates for the St. Louis County Commissioner's job for District 4, a position that Tommy Rukavina held, virtually unopposed some times. The party of the candidates isn't listed in this race. Locally, we have Dan Manick who is running a strong campaign with his crew, including grandchildren, out campaigning for him. Christine Schlotec is a local candidate, graduate of the Cook School and a business owner. She seems to be gaining steam. Bernie Mettler of Embarrass started early and is one of the front runners. The fact that he is not a politician has a lot going for him, plus he is widely known. Of course, Paul McDonald of Ely is another front runner. Everyone knows him. Yes, former Commissioner Mike Forsman's son Mike is running and he seems to be quite sharp. Then we have Kess of Ely. You will have a lot to choose from when you go into the polling booth. Don't ask me who to vote for, either.
Just think, after the November election, the campaign for presidency in 2020 will get hot. The question is, will the Democrats come up with new blood or will they have the old, worn out candidates like Bernie the Socialist, Hillary who many feel should be in jail, and Joe Biden who no one knows? After Trump was elected, the Dems should have studied why they lost and then looked at fresh candidates. Face it, no one wants the Clintons anymore.
The only issue the Dems have is the worn out Russia probe. The controversy over illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents has been partly taken care of by Trump. No other president did that. The economy is booming. If you really want to work, you can find good jobs, something that was unheard of during the wasted eight years under Obama.
Isn't life fun???
* * * * * *
By the way, did you know that Americans spent $885 million on fireworks for the 4th of July, with an additional $353 million spent by professionals for fireworks shows?
* * * * * *
The tariffs under Trump have many nervous, but people should realize what the tariffs were. It used to be that it was impossible for U.S.A. companies to do business in some countries. Their tariffs/taxes on foreign goods made it impossible. Trump is trying to make this change and put all nations on a level field. He did propose at the recent summit of nations to do away with all tariffs. Now that would seem the right way to go, right? Well, those nations that are screaming about the tariffs this country is adding definitely didn't want to do away with all tariffs.
As for China threatening us with high tariffs, you have to realize that they have the best of us in trade with a big trade surplus. They are not going to mess that up. When the tariff war is ended, you will find that countries are fairer with the U.S.A. than they have been. The playing field will be leveled.
Why can't the media understand that?
* * * * * *
As for Russia meddling in our elections, these boneheads in Washington, D.C., have to know that countries have been meddling in the elections of other countries for years. Go back and check the changing of governments in South America or even the Middle East. Every country did it. This past election in this country probably had the least meddling by other countries. Of course, check where the money that Hillary raised came from. Most of those in the know realized she was probably bought and paid for. Heck, check the so-called Clinton Foundation.
* * * * * *
In the meantime, forget the politicians and enjoy life in the Great North Woods. Life is definitely great up here.

I have known Bernie Mettler for 26 years. I have known Bernie to be very honest and hard working. He has served the people of the 4th District with the upmost integrity. While serving the communities of the 4th District, Bernie proved himself to be a valuable public servant. He proved his leadership abilities as a Patrol Sergeant for the Sheriff's Department. He was responsible for managing and scheduling as the sergeant in Aurora. Bernie has always taken an interest in the communities he served. In Bernie's 25 years with the county, he has worked virtually all areas of the 4th District. He knows the people, the area, and the issues. I know Bernie would be a full-time county commissioner and work tirelessly for the people of the 4th District and the county as a whole.
I fully endorse Bernie Mettler for county commissioner in the 4th District and I ask my friends to do the same. The primary is Tuesday, Aug. 14. Please remember to VOTE!
David Akerson
St. Louis County Deputy Sheriff