Notes from all over

by GDA


The advent of computers to our lives has changed this country and our way of doing things, immensely. They have made our lives better in some ways and worse in others.
Newspapers have really found the use of computers giving them a wider outlook on the world. We print seven newspapers a week and they used to have to bring the hard copy of their papers to Cook so we could shoot the negatives and make plates. Now we receive the copy over the Internet. This paper and all the ones under our group do a lot of job printing. Now the customer can send the copy over the Internet. If we are looking for specific information, we just have to Google it and there it is.
Of course, with every good thing that comes with computers and the Internet, there are some bad things.
My first job in the morning is to check my email. That takes a good l5 minutes or more. For the most part, the stuff I receive is junk I don't need, but I have to check it out. I receive some email from news organizations that want to hook up with this paper so they can use our news. That stuff is trashed. There are also some who want to put this paper on their business page. When I tried to answer them, the computer couldn't find them. You have to be careful of this email stuff because there are a lot of computer nuts out there who have nothing to do but put viruses into your system. We do have anti-virus programs in our computers, but that doesn't stop these people. Because of that, we are very careful about what we download.
The use of smart phones by the youth of this country is also alarming. They don't use their smart phones to talk on, they use them to send emails. I have seen two teenagers sitting next to each other and texting each other. The ability to converse with others is rapidly disappearing.
You used to see youngsters out in the streets and driveways playing basketball or some sport. Now they hang out on their computer, smart phone or iPad.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to go back to the days before computers and the Internet, but I am concerned about the way they have taken over the lives of many of us.
I remember the days when every driveway had a basketball hoop and there were always games going on. I remember the vacant lot that was in our neighborhood where we always were playing some sort of sport. I remember when a bunch of us would hop on our bikes and be gone for the day doing whatever.
Just don't let these computers, smart phones, iPads and the Internet take control of your lives.
There is a great world out there, enjoy it.
* * * *
The primary elections will be over by the time this paper goes to press and I hope the turnout is over 75 percent, but I doubt it. Minnesota has a reputation for a high voter turnout, but it still isn't large enough.
The problem with our primary elections is you have to vote a straight party ticket. I don't think any party would have all the best candidates, but that doesn't matter.
Vote Democrat, Independent, Republican or whatever. If you voted in the primary for two parties, your vote is thrown out.
If the various political parties want to use the primaries to pick their candidates, make them pay for the elections. They are the ones who want them like they are.
* * * *
Can you believe it, August is half over? Where has the summer gone? Have a good week and enjoy this great country of ours.