Notes from all over

by GDA


Our lame duck president, Barack Hussein Obama, has just made 5 million law breakers legal. They are legal, maybe, for the next two years. Then the new president, hopefully one who has the experience and smarts to lead this country, can issue another decree taking away the citizenship status for these 5 million illegals. Does this guy have any idea what he is doing?
First, back in 2008 when he first won the presidency, Obama said he wouldn't rule by presidential decree. He even questioned the legality of it. He did this numerous times. Now, six years later, he has acted the opposite way.
Now, there are 5 million illegal aliens who have broken our laws and he has said they are legal and snubbed his nose at our laws. He did tell a group of his party regulars that they should thank him since he gave them 5 million more votes in their elections. Yeah, this wasn't to help the illegals out, it was to give his party 5 million votes.
Those backing him say this is a way to fix our immigration policy. Well, people, this policy hasn't done such a bad job for the first 238 years of this nation's life. We set limits from each country and then the people apply and take their turn. Now, those who are waiting after having followed our laws will have to wait longer.
This is just another snub of our Constitution and that is something that should make all legal Americans very mad.
* * * * *
Christmas is coming fast, so there are some presents and cards that you should be sending out now. Yes, I mean cards and presents to our men and women in the Armed Forces, especially those in harm's way or serving overseas. I remember those Christmases in England and on a mountaintop next to the Russian border, in Turkey. It was lonely there, but when Christmas came and the presents and cards with it, the day seemed to brighten up. I remember our scraggly tree with crazy ornaments on it as a bunch of airmen got together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Just think how lonely some will feel if they don't get any presents or cards. Don't wait, get them out now. The U.S. Postal Service, for all the hassle they receive, does a good job.
* * * * *
This Thursday is Thanksgiving and we should remember what it means. That is a day to give "thanks" for all we have and our great lifestyle in this great country. I feel sorry for the turkeys, but they do taste good, especially the leftovers.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.