Notes from all over

by GDA


Pick up any daily metro newspaper, listen to any TV "talking heads" or hear nearly any of our "do nothing" members of Congress and their one topic is the impeachment of Pres. Donald Trump. The liberals' left-leaning public still can't get it through their block heads that they lost and Trump won and he won by an overwhelming margin across the country with the exception of Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles County. He won over 90 percent of the counties in this country.
Since he couldn't be beaten in the election, these do-nothing jacks are trying to get him out through the slanted media.
Well, just what has The Donald done? Employment is booming, but the unemployment rate is a little higher. How can that be? Well, under Barack Hussein Obama many quit looking for jobs since there weren't any, so they were taken off the rolls of those who work. Now they are finding jobs, getting off the public dole and not being subservient to the politicos. Oh yeah, jobs are coming back to this country, the United States has regained its status as the leader of the world, the number of mass shootings in this country is down, and if you talk to people who aren't in the big towns, you will find they are for Trump.
Now, if Obama had been treated this way, watch out. It would have been called racism even though he was only half black. If they would have investigated him, who knows what would happen. One thing is sure, he was broke when he took office and now he has a couple of mansions and is a millionaire, many times. Of course, the same is true of Bill Clinton and Hillary, and Al Gore. You never hear that President George H. or W. Bush came out of office many times richer than when they went in. Of course, Harry S. Truman never was rich, though Lyndon B. Johnson came out of office owning a broadcasting empire and was a major stockholder in companies that did business with our government.
The big question about Trump seems to be this Russian thing. Well, I would think that if you were running for president, you would want to have contacts with Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, etc. As for who Vladimir Putin wanted in, you know he would rather deal with Hillary, who would have been another Obama, than Trump who knows how to deal with powerful people.
So, what have our members of Congress done since Trump went into office? Well, they are known for doing nothing and stopping anything Trump asks for. So, why do we need these hacks?
Remember you are paying them. In the meantime, enjoy the economic surge, the new jobs, the USA coming back to lead the world and the feeling of good times that we have now.
* * * * * * * * * *
The repeal of the failed Obamacare is the big news, but did you know that Gov. "Airhead" Brown wants to pass a law that everyone in California has free health care? Well, it isn't exactly free since someone has to pay for it. Of course, California is nearly bankrupt now, if they aren't, so.... The cost of this system is estimated at $400 billion while California's budget is $179.5 billion next year. That is an expensive "free lunch" type program.
Then we have New York City which is always bankrupt. From there we go to Illinois, a state that owes twice their annual budget in pensions. Yeah, their state is going to be on "junk bonds" soon if they aren't. Now, what do those states have in common? Think about it.
Have you ever noticed how easy it is for these people we elect, to spend money? Any spending bill under a billion bucks is chunk change to them. They just love to spend money, our money.
Of course, if you are ever with one of these politicians for lunch, you will find they will probably try and get you to pay. They just don't want to spend their own money.
Think about it.
* * * * * * * * * *
In the meantime, this crazy summer is over half gone. The days are now longer and we will soon see practices for high school sports starting. This summer has been OK, but we sure did get our share of rain. What the heck, we have another month to go, enjoy it.
* * * * * * * * * *
Have a good week and if you are looking for something to do, go to Camp Vermilion this Saturday for the Bluegrass Music Festival. Tour the camp, too.