Notes from all over

by GDA


It's here, that time of year when we get to say "Thanks" for our many blessings. Yep, Thanksgiving is here. That was the holiday that arose from the celebration our forefathers had after they survived a year in this new country. Wow, do you think any of them knew what they were giving birth to? From that little celebration they shared with their neighbors, the native Americans, a country rose that has saved the world, many times. This country has given its people freedoms that few would have dreamed of.
Now, I know you can read the newspapers or hear it on television how awful we are. We discriminate against so-called minorities. We shoot minorities, we keep them from getting jobs, we just treat them terribly.
Well, how bad is it for the so-called poor in this country? A survey of those who are considered poor found that a majority of them own their own home or are making payments. They usually have two vehicles, though they may not be new ones. They definitely have wide-screen televisions and they have access to free food through food stamps, food shelves, etc.
Now, go to any other country on this earth and our poor would be considered middle class or higher. We have free schooling through high school. Anyone who wants to go to college can get scholarships or work their way through. Our health care is great, despite the naysayers. Yes, there are always reports coming out that rate the health care in this country way down compared to other nations. My question is, why do we also read reports of the rulers of these countries coming to the United States for treatment? They seem to radiate to Minnesota, the U of M or Mayo.
We have a life in this country that the rest of the world dreams of. That could be the reason there are riots in some countries against us.
They are jealous.
Of course, this way of life didn't come easily. We have fought to save the world from tyrants many times and seen some of our bright men and women give their lives for the freedoms that we have come to feel are ours. Freedoms don't come cheap, they cost lives.
So, when you sit down to the tasty brown turkey with all the fixings this Thursday, think of why you are able to have a day like this and really give thanks.
While you are chowing down, think of our men and women in the Armed Forces who are thousands of miles away from home and family. This is a tough day for them. I remember spending three Thanksgivings in the Air Force; one in Texas, one in England and another in Turkey. You tried not to think of being away from home.
Christmas is coming in a few weeks, so if you are thinking of those in the Armed Forces and want to send them gifts, don't wait. The mail isn't that fast.
* * * * * * * *
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.