Notes from all over

by GDA


Well, I was right last week. I said the 2015 Minnesota Legislature wouldn't get their work done in five plus months and they didn't. It used to be that you just had two sides, the DFL and Republicans. Now you have three sides: the DFL, Republicans and Dayton, and it looks like there could be a fourth side, Sen. Tom Bakk.
Yeah, our own Sen. Bakk isn't satisfied with getting a $76,000,000 new office building. Now he wants an underground parking garage costing $7,200,000 that will house 30 vehicles or cost $240,000 per vehicle. His reason is that the garage would provide more security and the view would be better. Of course, there hasn't been a need for security for cars in the many years that Minnesota has been a state. The new Taj Mahal office building will also have a $14 million dollar parking garage in it. We do treat our legislators like royalty or at least they seem to think they should be.
Now it will be up to Dayton to call a special session to get the education bill, among other budget items, passed. No, our legislators don't get paid for this, but they do get their beloved "M & Ms." M&Ms are mileage and meals and they can add up to a lot of bucks. The legislators get over a half a buck a mile for driving to St. Paul and coming back. That could amount to over $500 per trip for many outstate legislators. Then they get paid a lot more for meals and lodging than it costs them, and all that money is tax free.
You have to realize that mileage for outstaters could easily come to around $10,000 a year or more per legislator. Heck, the gas would cost them nearly $500 in that time.
Sometimes you have to wonder if these people are living in an alternate world, one that exists in its own time warp. I didn't say they were warped, but the values of some legislators sure aren't the same as the people who vote for them.
So, for five plus months, we spent way over a hundred million on these people for nothing.
Remember, you voted them in.
* * * * * * * *
Hillary Clinton is finally being called to task for the Benghazi fiasco. She thinks she is the president elect, but if the media does its job her tons of baggage will shoot her down. Face it, she has never really done anything except be humiliated by her philandering husband who just happened to be president.
We need to be sure and elect a president in 2016 who has a backbone and is more concerned about the country then their personal needs and ambitions to get rich. There has to be someone like that.
* * * * * * * *
Everyone in power is down on the police officers in this land. When a law-breaker is killed while committing a crime, the police officers are blamed. We have had several incidents while a law-breaker is killed by police or dies in their custody. These law-breakers wouldn't be there with police after them if they didn't break the law. In every incident, especially the ones where our esteemed president, Barack Hussein Obama, has sent his racist Attorney General in with his goons, the police officers have been found innocent. Now we find that those who came into Baltimore to burn and steal were from out of the area and were actually paid a stipend. Now these people are complaining they didn't get paid.
Just think of what this country would be without laws and officers of the law. Some of the places where they were blamed for a death and the rioters burned the towns up are now without much police protection and can you blame the police?
There are some bad police just as there are some bad politicians. The politicians are mostly in our capitals while the police are out on the streets putting their lives in jeopardy. There are also some very good officers of the law remember that. When you need a police officer, it sure is great to have one come to your aid.
Now if our president and his lackeys would start supporting the officers of the law.
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week.