Notes from all over

by GDA


I just received an email from Steve Bernu. He used to be the manager at Waschke Chevrolet and we were good friends. Well, Steve and Dody now live outside St. Cloud and he still receives the Cook News-Herald. Steve really liked the Cook area.
Recently, Steve and Dody took a drive to Spicer, Minn., and saw a small antique store. He noticed this Phillips Chevrolet license plate in their display case. Yep, he decided he had to buy it and the lady wouldn't budge on her $12.50 price. Cook sure gets attention in far-away places.
* * * * * *
Supposedly the big news last week was Obama giving the State of the Union Address. This is a speech the president gives every year, telling the nation what shape we are in.
I thought this would be good for all of us. Obama never writes those speeches, his handlers from Chicago and from the Democratic Machine in Washington, D.C., do. I hoped they would do it right and that Obama would actually read and understand the speech. Just think, he would actually know what kind of shape he has led this country into. It would surprise him, but would he do anything about it?
Instead, he reads those fake press releases that say we are at full employment, but we just don't have the jobs we used to. He would read how popular he is even though no Democrat wants him to visit when they are up for election. He thinks the economy is doing great and the unemployment is down, but he doesn't want to read how there are fewer jobs and the actual number of people not working is growing.
Obama's State of the Union so called speech had the second to the poorest rating as far as how many listened to it. The lowest was for Clinton in 2000. The fact of the matter is, Americans don't trust this guy (Obama). They know that he lies all the time. The trouble is, I think that sometimes he believes his lies.
The big question now is will our national debt go to $20 trillion, or more than double what the entire debt was when he went into office. That would mean that every man, woman and child in this country would owe $60,000 on this national debt. I won't even go into how much we owe if you added in the underfunded liabilities we have, such as pensions. We are sure going to leave our youngsters a great legacy.
* * * * * *
The 2015 Minnesota Legislature is going on now and the good news is, they haven't passed anything. Yes, Gov. Dayton and a lot of DFLers would like to raise the gas tax. You see, Wisconsin's gas tax is higher and these political dudes are jealous. Gas is almost affordable and that wouldn't do. Heck, remember that Obama's goal was to get gas selling for over $5 a gallon. He almost reached that level once, but fell just short. Keep the faith up, he will reach his goal.
* * * * * *
The snow is coming down, the temperatures are rising and life is great in northern Minnesota. Have a great week.