Notes from all over

by GDA


Here we go again. The political empty suits who say they are governing this country have quickly jumped on the bandwagon for more gun control after the mass shootings in Oregon. We see these people quickly come up with the answer to end these shootings, but they never really check into the problem and come up with an answer that could work.
Yeah, they continually want more gun control. Actually, they would like to outlaw guns for the citizens of this country altogether.
The founders of this country gave us the 2nd Amendment for a reason. They had just been through a long Revolutionary War to free the people from a government that was nothing short of a dictatorship. The 2nd Amendment is in place, partially, so that the people could take down another dictatorship. Of course, the political hacks we have elected don't like that at all. They enjoy their cushy jobs with all the perks.
What they don't realize is that all these shootings happened in gun-free areas.On 12/14/2012, 20 students and six staff and faculty were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. On 4/2/12, seven were killed at Oikos U. in California. On 4/16/07, 32 were killed at Virginia Tech. On May 21, 2004, seven were killed at Red Lake Senior High in Red Lake, Minn. On 4/20/99, 13 were killed at Columbine High School in Colorado. On 8/1/66, Charles Whitman killed his mother and wife along with 16 at the U. of Texas.
What do all of these shootings have in common? Yes, they were all students and faculty who were killed, but they were all at schools where guns were not allowed.
These killers aren't going somewhere that they know there will be people with guns who will shoot at them. They aren't brave people, these killers. Make them face someone shooting back and they will go elsewhere.
I don't like the idea of guns being in schools and on campuses, but they are in some places. Many Texas schools, especially those close to the Mexican border, have police officers the schools hire to patrol the campuses.
There are ways to cut these shootings down besides letting the schools defend themselves. These murderers all have certain characteristics and by using "profiling," we could identify many. Of course, "profiling" is not allowed in this country, but others, especially Israel, use it and they don't have these mass killings.
Tell our political hacks to stop looking for an easy way out of the problem, such as banning guns, and instead look for ways that will actually work.
These political hacks who care more about keeping themselves and their party in power are the biggest cause for these killings.
You have to realize that a gun doesn't go off unless someone actually pulls the trigger.
* * * * * * * *
Meanwhile, up north here, everyone seems to have guns or rifles in their homes. There aren't too many home invasions going on, are there?
Have a good week.