Notes from all over

by GDA



It's over! Or is it? The attempt to impeach and remove our duly elected President Donald Trump by the so-called head of the Democratic Party is over. This attempted coup (which is what it really was) started before Trump took office. Think of all that went into it. There was the supposed collusion with Russia to fix the election, then there was the Mueller group who went after Trump with a fake dossier that Trump's opponent and her party paid for. Then they tried to get Trump when he was checking into where the money we sent Ukraine went to and who got it. In between these comedy acts, there were many other attempts, such as a trip he had to Russia and some gross things he was charged for, his supposed affair with someone called "Stormy," his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, etc. Nothing came of any of this and our Democratic Party led U.S. House of Representatives accomplished nothing for 3-1/2 years. In the meantime, this awful president accomplished more in this short time than any president has ever. Minorities such as blacks and Hispanics saw their unemployment rate go down, companies moved back to the U.S., more Americans are working with more jobs. Americans who quit looking for work came back to the job force. A wall on our southern border is being built and the number of illegal immigrants has dropped big time, the stock market and economy is booming, our military has been built back up to near where it should be, and more. Oh yeah, he also has negotiated trade agreements with China, Canada, Mexico, etc. making it easier for our countries to do business with other countries on a fair measure.
The big loser wasn't Trump, the big losers out of this clown walk were Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, etc. and actually their party.
If the Democrats don't come around and start representing the people, that party could be history. In the meantime, Trump is on the path to a huge win this coming November as the Democrats can't even find a viable candidate.
What a year for our president.
Meanwhile, the DNC talking heads who have blamed the Republicans and Trump for every election they have lost, and there have been a lot, have their own problems running elections.
The recent election in Iowa has become a standing joke. The Dems still don't really know who won. They used an app that a company one of the candidates is part owner in made and it turned out to be a mess. Maybe they should have been investigating the DNC when they were concerned about voter fraud. Could it be that they were behind any voter fraud? Anyway, the mess in Iowa was another black eye for Pelosi, Schumer and company. That has to be the 10th black eye so far and they still don't have a viable candidate.
Last week wasn't a good one for the Democratic Party, a party that was really the "people's" party 40 or 50 years ago.
Meanwhile, in Minnesota we saw the Twin Cities and Duluth show their power by knocking off the Democratic Minority Leader, Tom Bakk. He has been replaced by a senator with low seniority. If Bakk is ignored, this will be a big thing for the Republicans if they take it. The Minnesota Republicans don't seem to take the power when they have it, though.
Bakk was good at negotiations between the parties and he did do a decent job for northern Minnesota. That could be coming to an end.
Tom and I have been friends since I first came up here. We had disagreements (I was always right), but you could talk to him and disagree. I never heard any members of the Republican Party speak harshly of Tom, but I did from his own party. Tom wasn't always really good at returning phone calls, though.
This year all of the senators are up for election. The Republicans aren't making any type of bid for Bakk's chair, so the residents up here should vote for him in large numbers to show those in the Metro areas that there is power in votes up here. The trouble is, it seems that those Metro and Duluth Dems think of this area as their playground. They don't seem to realize that we need jobs up here or that we can take care of our own area without outsiders trying to take control.
The election this coming November should be interesting, but it could be disastrous for this area if we let the big cities take over.
Last week was almost too much for the newspaper industry. Too many things were happening. Now we have a divided Legislature with the Dems in charge of the House and the Republicans in charge of the Senate while the Dems have the governorship. This session usually is just for passing bonds for infrastructure. The trouble this year is they have something like $1.6 billion in a surplus and both parties have different ideas on how to spend it.
Relax, the supposedly part-time members of our Legislature seem to have forgotten us, most of the time. This should be an interesting year, but remember it is 366 days long, a Leap Year. Have a good week.

"No one knows what goes on behind closed doors." The late Charlie Rich could have been singing about the Feb. 1, 2020, Senate DFL meeting; at that meeting, Tom Bakk was replaced as DFL leader by a low-seniority senator from a Twin Cities suburb.
Those DFLers who oppose sulfide mining and favor heightened gun regulation (as I do) should have given more weight to their areas of agreement with Bakk (increased healthcare access; fuller funding for roads, bridges and other infrastructure, and expanded resources for public schooling from preschool through higher education) than their differences. But substantive issues seem to have been more pretextual than controlling.
The growing economic and political dominance of the Twin Cities, the dwindling rural element in the DFL, and Political Correctness (Bakk was opposed by a woman) appear to have carried the day.
The bottom line: Dumping Bakk was almost certainly a mistake.
Leonard J. Richards
Bayport, Minn.


Dear Editor,
This has got to stop.
Advocating for the regulatory review process in connection with copper-nickel mining in northeastern Minnesota doesn't exactly light up "the base." It's not raw meat or exciting in any way. But it's the right case to make, the right thing to do, especially compared with the alternative.
The quick-and-dirty "alternative" is what U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum is asking Congress to approve in her bill to block copper-nickel mining in the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota. No debate, no research or analysis of specific projects, just an old-fashioned "Shut 'em down!" Her bill would prevent Twin Metals Minnesota and any other upcoming new copper-nickel projects from even getting a hearing on its proposal for an underground copper, nickel and platinum group metals mine near Ely and Babbitt.
We have two historic laws, the national and state environmental policy acts, designed for just the purpose she's seeking to circumvent. They exist to require the fair and equitable application of science and law in reviewing development proposals like Twin Metals'. If the company can't prove it can operate its mine safely and in compliance with strict laws to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, it doesn't get a permit. That's due process.
The approach being proposed by U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum suggests that the regulatory agencies are incompetent and thereby wasting huge sums of taxpayer money.
Chuck Novak, Mayor
City of Ely


As an exercise in the study of American values, both past and present, the last few weeks have been anything but boring.
The big little story that has been the talk of the hour, of course, has been the impeachment fiasco. Thankfully it is over, at last. Over and above all the wrangling about the details was the avowed impeachment of this President - even before he took office - by a cadre of powerful figures, including some members of Congress who had him convicted before he had sat down in the oval office. When the verdict is rendered long before anyone has even committed a crime, can a case like this have any basis in reality? First it was Russia, and even after millions squandered and months of excavation, Mr. Mueller was left with a big hole that went nowhere. The dust hadn't even settled from this mining debacle when certain brilliant leaders of Congress grasped at the next straw that drifted by - Ukraine. And, if it wasn't this, then it would have been some other Mickey Mouse deal that they could glom onto. This all fits when we remember, the conclusion was already foreordained.
Doesn't this remind you of the old story that if the Highway Patrol follows your car long enough, if he wants to be a nerd, he can pull you over for something - forgot to put your blinker on, drifted across the centerline, you name it. Almost everyone would agree, however, if an officer sinks to this level of law enforcement, a whack across his puss with a wet sucker would be more fitting than a star on his chest. Anyone got a few smelly fish to send to Washington?
They say that Ringling Brothers Circus, in operation for 133 years, finally went out of business. I don't believe it for a minute. Not after watching the trove of Presidential Primary contenders scrambling for the White House. After their promising us the world, and after waiting in anticipation for the big fireworks blastoff of the race in Iowa, and then spit, sput, fizzle - like a kid's cap gun that got dropped in a puddle. They couldn't even get their votes counted! The Ted Mack Amateur Hour all over again. Even the venerable Bernie Sanders succinctly commented, "Well, if they get the votes counted one of these years, we'll see how we did."
If you actually listen to what some of these candidates are saying, it goes from being funny to downright scary. Almost all are making a big deal about 'climate change'. It used to be called global warming but, apparently they don't even know which way the temperatures are going, so they now call it 'climate change'. That way, whatever happens, they're right every time! Cool
It is interesting to note that researchers from the University of Victoria and the nonprofit Hakal Institute have discovered evidence that most of North America was once covered with a massive ice sheet that was between a mile and two miles thick. What the heck happened? Did Fred Flintstone's bonfire get out of control, or what? At any rate, obviously, it all melted, and aren't you glad that it did? We'd be in a real (and cold) pickle otherwise. There must have been some real rip-roaring, fire-breathing global warming going on back then and - can you imagine - that was before we had a carbon footprint, before fossil fuels, before Volkswagen 'dirty diesels', gas guzzling cars, pipelines, factory smokestacks, power plants that burned the dreaded coal and, I stand corrected, long before Freddie was playing with his campfire. And it all melted, so much that these same researchers believe that sea levels rose some 400 feet! And we're all in a bundle now that some seem to think that sea levels may rise by some number of inches? Oh my, what is wrong with this picture? A rational observation of the earth's climate indicates a wide range of variations over the annals of time, and natural forces dwarf the efforts of a company of puny mortals to less than a drop in the bucket. It's as ludicrous as thinking we're going to change the course of an aircraft carrier with a canoe paddle.
It would appear that these Presidential hopefuls are in a race for who can come up with the zaniest ideas. All of them have endorsed the fabulous Green New Deal - in all or part - whereby over the next 10 years or so, the use of all fossil fuels would cease and be replaced with 'green' energy. The cost of this transformation have estimates running up to over an eye-popping, heart-stopping 90 trillion dollars. Does anyone even know how to visualize a pile of money that big? The whole GDP of the entire US last year was only $21.4 trillion. The whole Vietnam war cost $168 billion. The total net worth of Ford, Chrysler and General Motors combined is only around $413 billion. Our defense budget last year was less than $700 billion. Yet these aspiring presidents don't even blink at numbers of this magnitude are they all on drugs or what is wrong with them? This Green Deal even calls for the elimination of airplanes. Maybe this only applies to 'ordinary' citizens like us, as all of these politicians have sure been burning up the skies with not only commercial flights, but private jets as well, as they campaign from New Hampshire to Nevada.
On a related note, we just read that Enbridge's Line Three Pipeline has finally been approved (again). The regulatory jungle that businesses have to operate in these days would cause the movers and shakers who built this great country to tip over of heart failure. Environmental wackos, Indian tribes, greenie-weenies all want to stick broom handles in the spokes of every wheel anyone wants to turn. They think it's their mission to shut this pipeline down. Never mind that the existing aging pipeline is becoming a safety hazard, and a new one would be not only more efficient but much safer. To not replace this line and move this oil by truck and rail would be even far more costly and exponentially more hazardous. Yet, none of this registers with these earth muffins. Even if we went entirely green and ran everything with electricity - cars, machinery, everything - we would still need petroleum. Everything that moves needs oil - lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, gear oil, greases, not to mention all the zillion things made of plastic that comes from oil - appliances, electronics, medical supplies, toys, automotive and industrial parts, household items. Almost everything that is made uses plastic. Besides this, half the roads in this country are made of asphalt. Where do these dreamers think asphalt comes from? Oil, of course. The Husky Refinery in Superior that caught on fire - it was the asphalt section that was burning. Since that plant went offline, local contractors have really been scratching to come up with materials to build roads.
Why is it that what is mainstream thought these days is so far out of the norm of the principles and ideals this country was built upon, and worked just fine until recent days.? Why does it take 15 years and counting to get a strategic and state of the art copper mine going in Northern Minnesota? That's half as long as it took to build our entire Interstate Highway System, that massive coast to coast 41,000 mile construction project - one of the greatest advances and success stories of the 20th Century. If a project of that size were attempted today, with all the hoops, piles of permits, miles of regulations and files of lawsuits by every goofball in town, it would never get done. NEVER! Good night, we've frittered around for years now, and we can't even get a couple hundred mile pipeline built right here in Minnesota! And this is progress? Well, I guess that's what the 'progressives' call it. The rest of us call it insanity. Where do all these looney ideas come from? Is this what they teach in school these days?
On a down home level, things have taken a turn down too. Just a few days ago the Democrats in the Minnesota Senate replaced long-standing leader Tom Bakk with a little lady from the cities. The state, as well as Northern Minnesota, has done well by the leadership of Senator Bakk for years now. His voice of reason, common sense, and rational solutions for problems of everyday citizens will surely be missed. Hang onto your hats as the metro 'progressives' hit the gas on a wild ride to only God knows where.
On a positive note, however, last week the City Council of Mt. Iron passed a motion to recite our Pledge of Allegiance before each of their council meetings. How many other Councils are there around the area, who have been asleep at the switch, that need to take this to heart and get with the program? This is a far cry from the deadheads in St. Louis Park, who a few months back abolished the Pledge from their meetings. It was only after an army of riled up patriotic citizens ran roughshod over them with their hobnailed boots that they got the picture and recanted their dumb decision. Congratulations to Councilor Skogman for introducing this motion. It is heartening to know that there are still Americans who are proud of our country and aren't afraid to say so.
Now, if this could just rub off on some of our leaders in St. Paul and Washington As the eternal optimist, I can only, always remain hopeful.
Jim Hofsommer, Markham


To the Editor:
ATTENTION: remnant believers
Those of you who read the Bible and study to show yourself approved of God, know about the concept of the watchman on the wall. These were men who were stationed on the wall of a city to watch for approaching enemies. Today, we need these watchmen to warn us of a different kind of enemy, man's religion. To question this substitute for truth will bring persecution and ridicule. The upside of this is that Jesus had the same issues when He was here last, the downside is how they treated Him so be prepared to be treated likewise. Our enemy hates God's truth for it sets men free. The question I now ask is where are the watchmen of this generation??
How did we get to where we are today unless the watchmen were not giving the Godly alarm? What we have today is the "church of your choice mentality" when we are called to be the "church of God's choosing." It appears that the watchmen now, are watchmen for the enemy, not to warn the remnant, but to keep the presence of the enemy in the camp a secret. Let us be diligent to pray for those who are caught in this deception, that God may open their eyes, as He did ours, and they be made free to seek this truth themselves and escape the snare of the devil.
In 2 Timothy chapter 4 as in other places, the Bible tells of a great falling away of believers as the end times come upon us. Most, I think, believe that this means there will be a large number of people who won't be coming to their church anymore for whatever reason, but this is not the case. What the Bible is saying is that because of false religions and false teachers and a departure from sound biblical doctrine, many will not hold to the truth of God's word, but will be more interested in following men and their traditions and religious practices because it is easier to follow men than God. So we see that the end times are upon us for this reason; the great falling away is well underway because many have chosen to not follow, diligently, the truth of God but, instead, man's imitation. Let us not give in to the easy way of "so called" Christianity, but be watchmen ourselves by telling others that this is not the true way of God, but a substitute put in place by our enemy to keep true disciples under his influence and asleep to the truth and others from ever seeing it. Let us not slumber for time is short and the Master is coming.