Notes from all over

by GDA


The 2014 Minnesota Legislature has done it. They are making sure that all the low income people in the state will get raises. Yep, they passed a raise in the minimum wage. It will go up to $9.50 an hour in a couple of years.
Now, that sounds good, doesn't it? Those fat cats who have started businesses and created jobs are going to have to take less money from their investment and their 80-hour-a-week work.
Of course, what if they decide to run their businesses in a true business fashion? They should get a decent return on their investment and they should get a fair salary for their work. Just where will that money come from? Will the state subsidize them? No, that won't happen.
Heck, I bet they will run their budgets out and find they have to raise prices so they can pay that increase in the minimum wage for these starter jobs.
It would seem that the raise in minimum wage will go right out of the pockets of these workers and back to the businesses. Can you imagine a fast food burger costing $7.50 or fries costing $3?
Our politicians can't. They seem to think that if they need more money, they just find a new tax or raise the existing tax. They don't seem to know what the real world is like. Of course, if you think of how much time these politicos spend with the people they are supposed to represent, you can understand that they have no idea what the real world is like.
The minimum wage should go up with inflation, but according to the Obama Administration, there hasn't been much of an inflation since he took office, so the minimum wage shouldn't have to go up much.
These politicians have to realize that the minimum wage is for start-up jobs or part-time jobs.
Of course, our men and women in St. Paul are basking in jobs that pay $40 to $50,000 a year for a part-time job. Then they get their mileage and per diem. Maybe they don't know what is going on in the real world.
* * * *
Well, Barack Hussein Obama has been president for around 5-1/2 years now. What has he accomplished?
Well, he has raised the national debt $7 or $8 trillion. He bailed out banks who screwed up and made them richer. He gave much of the ownership of General Motors to the unions. He has had this country in three wars, but two were still going on when he came into office. He just didn't find a way out. He has also taken the Fourth Amendment away from us with the NSA spying on us. He allowed our country to be attacked in Benghazi, which resulted in our ambassador and four Americans getting killed, and has done nothing about it. He saw the IRS being used against the Tea Party. He has been a busy man.
When he went into office, gasoline was selling at $1.87 a gallon and it is now doubled. When he entered the White House, 120 million Americans were working and now the number is 116 million. The average household income when he entered office was $66,000 and now it is $62,500. He increased the average indebtedness of Americans to $55,484. Those on Food Stamps has risen to over 5 million.
Now, these are figures that I have seen reported. The Obama machine may report different figures, but they usually come out a few weeks later with different figures, so you can't really trust them.
By the way, a couple of readers have complained about me printing Obama's middle name. Heck, he should be proud of it. I am proud of mine. His Muslim father gave it to him.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
* * * *
Have a Happy Easter. Summer is on the way.