Notes from all over

by GDA


With the Minnesota Legislature split in two, the 2015 session that is going on now appears to be a madhouse. The DFL had it made when they controlled both houses and the governorship, but now the Republicans have the House.
To make matters even crazier, we see that Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Tom Bakk, who leads the Senate, aren't working too well together. The first crisis arose when Dayton wanted to give his commissioners raises of around $13 an hour. Now, the total cost to the taxpayers for these raises only came to around $900,000. Sen. Bakk, who lives on Lake Vermilion, shot them down. That had Dayton's temper shooting through the roof. They have apparently come to a compromise that will allow Dayton to give the raises this summer after the Legislature is out. He will have one day to do it. Sounds like two kindergartners in the play yard having an argument, not two people who are supposed to be leading our state.
You have to realize that Dayton isn't the smartest cookie on the plate. He was voted the worst U.S. Senator and the only way he won the governorship was to spend millions of his own bucks. His own party knows he isn't too sharp. At his governor's deer opener, I started to go over to talk to him. The party didn't want him talking to me alone as several senators and representatives merged around him to protect him from GDA. Can you believe it?
The Republicans are just sitting back and enjoying the show.
* * * * * * * *
Then we go national. Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, who is supposed to be leading this country, has shown that he won't work with the new Republican controlled House and Senate. The Keystone Pipeline, which would bring oil from Canada to our processing plants and help keep the cost of our gasoline down, isn't a favorite of Obama. A bill to allow the pipeline has overwhelming support from Congress. A poll showed that over 75 percent of Americans are for it. The trouble is, it could hurt the importing of oil from the Moslem Middle East and Obama has shown that he is more their friend than he is ours. The oil imports from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, etc. are down and Obama, whose father was a Moslem, doesn't want to hurt his Moslem friends. He will veto this bill, but it could be overridden. Heck, Rep. Nolan has said he would vote to override a veto.
When we have our next presidential election, try and vote for a candidate who really likes his country.
* * * * * * * *
This winter had been going down as a very mild one, but you never know until June gets here. Now we are going through one of those Minnesota cold spells with temps 30 below and colder. We still have March to go through. Ice fishing shacks are supposed to be taken off lakes soon, though.
* * * * * * * *
A ton of people read about our dog, Alex, going missing. He isn't back yet and I doubt that he will be. For those of you with dogs, you know how tough this is. Thanks for your concerns.
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week. Spring is coming.