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by GDA



The long-awaited press conference by Gov. Tim Walz was last Wednesday at 2:05 p.m. It was on YouTube and broadcast in Hmong, Somali, Spanish and English. That is quite interesting, in itself. I suppose Gov. Tim wanted to make sure his supporters could understand what he would be saying.
Most people who have been really following this coronavirus pandemic felt that more restrictions would be removed. Of course, there is still the question as to whether governors can shut down the economies of their states on their own, but that is for a later date.
The death rate from this virus has been dropping in Minnesota and for the three weeks prior to Walz's press conference, the rate, supposedly, has gone from double digits to single digits. It would appear that it is getting taken under control.
Walz surprised no one when he gave his decree that everyone in the state must wear masks indoors in businesses and governmental bodies. Many in northeastern Minnesota weren't happy with that since this virus has left this area alone. It was since reported that for last week, the deaths reported for the week were three deaths out of 871 cases reported.
Minnesota had 51,153 reported cases of coronavirus reported and 1,574 deaths for a 3.1 percent death rate compared to China which has a 3.4 percent death rate reported. The virus originated in China. Known cases represent a fraction of infections, though, since everyone hasn't been tested. This would make the death rate much smaller. "I don't think we're going to be able to answer that question for a while," said Dr. Timothy Schacker, the vice dean for research at the University of Minnesota Medical School. The more people tested would result in more cases, but wouldn't bring up the number who died from this disease.
When the state was opened up last month, the economy climbed dramatically. It seemed like the people of this state were in much better moods and things were starting to return to a normal state.
Now, with the Walz decree, the economy will most likely drop, jobless rates will climb, and morale will drop, also.
Several states have followed Walz's lead. It is interesting to note the color of the states that want to be shut down now. They do tend to be "Blue" states.
This pandemic isn't supposed to be political, but the media continues to blame Pres. Donald Trump for it, though he can't overrule the states on it. Trump immediately stopped travel from China after it was learned about it coming from there. If you don't remember, Nancy Pelosi and gang blasted him for that, including when he stopped travel from Europe. Actually, no matter what your President does, he will be found at fault. Politics have definitely entered the coronavirus pandemic, which is too bad.
With the leadership this state has received, it has seen its $1.4 billion surplus budget turn into a multi-billion deficit. Several special sessions of the Legislature have been unable to pass a bonding bill to take care of the state's infrastructure, mainly because Walz doesn't want to give up his powers he has taken due to this virus. The big problem with this virus is the lack of knowledge by those in charge who think they do know it all. It has become apparent that 80 percent of all COVID-19 deaths come from elderly in nursing homes yet recovering virus patients have been sent to those care centers in parts of the state. The median age of decedents is approximately 83. There is almost no risk of death to the relatively young, apparently. So far, only two people under the age of 30 and 10 under the age of 40 have died from the disease in Minnesota. These facts were published in "Thinking Minnesota" this week.
With the Masking of Minnesota decree of our government, many have looked to find masks to purchase. They have found that many of the masks were made in China... interesting. Also, warnings on the packages say the masks won't stop the wearer from getting COVID-19. It has been reported that if you have a mask and want to see how good it is, put the mask on, light a match and see if you can blow it out through the mask. If you can, the mask is useless.
Finally, it should be noted that supposedly you can get this disease three ways. One is from breathing it and the masks are supposed to stop that. Then there is getting it through your eyes. The masks don't handle that. Finally, you can get it by getting it on your skin or hands. So, we have a third of the ways of contracting it, supposedly under control and the state has lost 800,000 jobs. The number of suicides from being out of work isn't known.
Remember way back when Walz said that he needed two weeks of "stay at home" to slow the spread of the virus? Wow, those two weeks have really spread. Of course, he also said a computer model said Minnesota would have upwards of 74,000 deaths from this virus and also that all age groups were at risk.
Politics shouldn't enter something this serious, but have you noticed when the Marxist backed BLM group started to riot, burn and steal in Minneapolis and around the state, the virus took second place? That should make you wonder.
Take care of yourself, eat healthy, get fresh air, make sure you wash your hands often and keep your spirits up. Being positive is probably one of the best ways to fight this Chinese virus. Come November, the virus will be history for the news.
Now, I just have to remember to carry a mask with me so I don't get arrested. How do you eat with one of these masks on, though???
Smile, be cheerful, we have been through tough times before and survived even though our so-called leaders sometimes don't seem to have a clue.

The same people telling us we should wear masks are pretty much the same ones who told us we were attacked by 19 men with box cutters, and thus we should attack and destroy Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries not remotely connected to the event, even if you are a believer in the official story.
The two events are connected because once we accepted the first without question we put down the welcome mat for the coming of all that has followed from that day onward.
We can only wait and stare out the window in anticipation of what will come of the current "crisis."
Mike Palecek
Saginaw, Minn.


How can you possibly support Trump? He fell into an economy that was doing well. He has proven to be a terrible leader in the Covid crisis. He has proven to be racist, a sexist, and has stained our reputation in the world.
The slight jab you have on Biden is also so predictable. Did you get that from listening to Hannity and the other hate mongers on the far right?
This administration will go down as the most corrupt in history. When people like you show the support for Trump it goes to show how the Republican Party is on the way out. Basically, it is a party of uneducated, grumpy old men as yourself.
L. Lawrence