Notes from all over

by GDA


Publishing a weekly newspaper means you don't get a lot of chances to get away, but sometimes you just have to make time.
Last weekend, Edna and I took off on Friday after we got two shoppers out. Our granddaughter, Zoe Caswell, a freshman at Cottage Grove Park, is also on their varsity cheerleading squad. These squads don't just cheer at games, they go into some intense competition with other schools, and this past weekend the competition would be held in St. Paul at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium that is located next to the Xcel Center. Being grandparents, we had to go see her compete. We had been down earlier to watch our granddaughter Olivia compete in gymnastics.
Now, I go to a lot of sporting events and see a lot of cheerleading squads, but they go several steps higher down there. They are flying all over the stage. Zoe is the "flyer" on her squad, which means she is always up in the air.
Their squad is relatively new at this, but they have taken a couple of firsts in other competitions.
The picture of their squad (below) has Zoe in the middle getting ready to fly.
Their coach, Jeremiah Lewis-Walker, is reported by the parents of the cheerleaders to be a legend in cheer-leading competition. He somehow kept track of where every one of the 15 cheerleaders was and what they should be doing. These young ladies work hard at their craft, spending 2-1/2 hours two or three times a week practicing, and their school doesn't even have a designated area for them.
At the competition, there were schools from all over the state. The northernmost school was Duluth East and if I remember right, they did advance. Zoe's team didn't, but they looked great to me.
One thing did come to mind, though. I have seen our cheerleaders up here and I do believe that if they had the right coaches, they could compete.
Of course, being a grandfather doesn't mean that I am neutral about their performance. Everyone looked great.
One thing I have noticed about our education system in high schools in this state, the students, for the most part, really get involved. It is not just go to school and go home. If you look at the schedules of some of these young adults, you have to wonder how they do it all. Then, if you look farther, you might be surprised at how well they do in school.
Oh yeah, on Sunday, Zoe had to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go back to school and set up for band competition. Yeah, she is in that, too.
Of course, my other two grand-children, Isaiah who is a junior majoring in biology who wants to be a veterinarian and is at Kansas State, and Gabrielle who is finishing her freshman year at Kansas University, are both quite busy, too.
Sure is different from my days at RFHS.
You have to be proud of your children and grandchildren.
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week. February is here.