Notes from all over

by GDA


The best time of the year is upon us, now. Yes, when Easter comes around, the snow goes away, the ice melts and the temperatures rise. It is a great time to be living in northern Minnesota.
This isn't the time to be sitting in the house, either. You have to get out and walk through our beautiful forestland.
Since I have gotten back on the running route, this is an even better time of year. I try to run three miles four nights a week. I didn't say I run fast, though.
Soon our summer friends will be heading north and that is always a good time. Many feel they have to check in at their hometown newspaper when they get here.
How many have been pulling their fishing gear out and getting set for the opener in the middle of May?
Everyone just seems in a better mood this time of year. Enjoy it.
* * * *
The National Football League draft of college players is coming up and I always try to put together a mock draft of what the teams should do. They never listen to me, though.
The Vikings have a lot of holes to fill, especially at quarterback, and there is a sleeper out there who could go cheap. He has the best arm in the draft.
They'll blow it, though.
The Packers really don't have that many needs. If they can stay away from injuries, they are set.
The Twins are in action and are doing a heck of a lot better than many thought.
Of course the best sports are the local high school ones.
It's a great time to get out to the ballfield.
* * * *
I get a few letters from readers complaining that I write our president's middle, Moslem name in the paper. They don't want any mention made of his religion passed down to him from his father.
Heck, I have no problems if someone is a Moslem. Back when I was playing the "spook" game with the USAF, I have many Moslem friends. They were some good people.
In fact, they watched out for us in Turkey and made sure no local merchants took advantage of us.
It is not the religion we should be upset with, it is some of the crazies who proclaim they are representing it.
Now, what has me upset with our president is that he is lazy. Before you shout me down on this, Obama has confessed that he is lazy.
He hardly ever starts work until 10 a.m. when he gets his intelligence briefing. He might have a couple of photo ops, but that could be his day unless he is going on another vacation or playing golf, again.
Pres. Obama has set a number of precedents that liberals won't be happy with when a conservative gets in office and does the same. His Presidential Directives have violated our Constitution many times.
If you have the time, you can check out Obama's schedule if you go to the White House on the Internet.
Enough about politics. Our state senators are going to have a fantastic, new office building, though. They spend more time there than with the people they represent, so why not?
* * * *
Have a good week. Grab a baseball and play catch. Take a hike or a drive. Life is too short to get excited about some of these people who are so impressed with themselves.